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FYI: Questions about Comparison Question Answering Systems

Author: AXIAL Naturaleza & Cultura

Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation
Anthropological Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Chamacoco

FYI Body: The Tomárâho Cultural Dictionary

Some 26 years ago, a team of Tomárâho shaman and female sages of the Petintouta community decided to give their language, which they call yxyr húlo, written form. Many years of work produced digital versions of texts, stories, and oral myths written in Latin orthographic form, all making up approximately 50 books of different kinds. Among them is a dictionary that the last remaining community to speak the Tomárâho language will use to teach their children to read and write.

This and other texts in yxyr húlo are now available online here:

For more information about this project and fundraising effort, please visit the following webpage:

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