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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted  Asc / Desc
Request for Pictures & Video for 90th Anniversary of LSA Dennis Preston 24.2229 May-29-2013
Online Keynote, English as an International Language Hyejeong Ahn 24.2178 May-22-2013
ESSLLI 2014: Call for Course/Workshop Proposals Sandra Kuebler 24.2132 May-20-2013
New Arabic and Hebrew Standardised Tests - CALL Orel Beilinson 24.2100 May-17-2013
BCS / BCS IRSG Karen Spärck Jones Award Udo Kruschwitz 24.2081 May-16-2013
International Society for the Linguistics of English Conference: Call for Workshop Proposals Gerold Schneider 24.2055 May-15-2013
Special Offer from Oxford: Basic Linguistic Theory Annie Leyman 24.2131 May-10-2013
Free Access to Lingua SI on Syntax & Cognition Christopher Tancock 24.1993 May-09-2013
New MA in Sociolinguistics and Multilingualism Aurelija Tamosiunaite 24.1945 May-07-2013
VU Amsterdam Metaphor Corpus Online T K 24.1944 May-06-2013
Univ Leipzig: Rule Interaction in Grammar (LAB 90) Anke Assmann 24.2001 May-03-2013
New Approaches to Applied Linguistics Laurel Plapp 24.1910 May-02-2013
Phonemica: Documenting and Preserving China's Dialects Kellen Parker 24.1892 May-01-2013
All-New SpecGram (May 2013) Online Trey Jones 24.1883 May-01-2013
Book Presentation "Il gioco di parole e le lingue" Annarita Guidi 24.1864 Apr-29-2013
ESSLLI 2014: Call for Course/Workshop Proposals Sandra Kuebler 24.1840 Apr-26-2013
New from John Benjamins: The International Journal of Chinese Linguistics Karin Plijnaar 24.1814 Apr-24-2013
New Historical Sociolinguistics Series Karin Plijnaar 24.1792 Apr-23-2013
Language and Psychoanalysis Volume 2, Issue 1 Laura Cariola 24.1791 Apr-23-2013
New LSA Excellence in Community Linguistics Award Jeff Good 24.1790 Apr-22-2013
New Version of GermaNet, Release 8.0 Verena Henrich 24.1787 Apr-22-2013
MORFORETEM: New Blog on Spanish Morphology Elena Felíu Arquiola 24.1788 Apr-22-2013
Language: Recent Publications 89.2 Natsuko Tsujimura 24.1784 Apr-22-2013
Call for Christian Benoit Award: Speech, Face-to-face Communication Susanne Fuchs 24.1783 Apr-21-2013
NUSA (Indonesian Languages Journal) Returns John Bowden 24.1724 Apr-18-2013

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